Every Day is a Vacation in Puncak

Tranquility @ Modernhill – Southern Jakarta, Every Day is a Vacation in Puncak

While Jakarta is still a favorite place that hosts a number of activities and lifestyle, the hustle and bustle of people in this queen of cities have created traffic congestion, pollution, and tension.
Vacation, the long awaited chance to release the weariness that comes out of the busy, fast-paced routines of Jakarta, has for a long time meant a visit to Bogor, Puncak or Bandung. Recreation has always been associated with rolling hills, tranquility, fresh air, and to take a break from the noise, pollution, and all other stress factors.

And yet people can only indulge in this kind of ambience for a while, only on holidays, since it is impossible to visit such places on week days. But soon the scenic beauty of a natural setting with its clean fresh air will no longer be something to enjoy only on vacations, because you will be able to experience it on a daily basis. Gridlocks, work tensions and similar streets triggers will only be part of your day, to be shed on your way home for work to a tranquil, refreshing atmosphere that reminds you of a visit to Puncak.
Modernhill offers you just kind of atmosphere in its soon-to-be-launched townhouse cluster, Tranquility, a residential area with vast unobstructed views of greenery and the rolling hills that take you away from the hustle and bustle, pollution, and noise of the city. The townhouse cluster in southern Jakarta is unique in its design, built on terraces into the slopes of a hill, looped by clear creeks in a picturesque environment with fresh, pollution-free air.

Environmentally-friendly Environment
Tranquility is designed with terraces that ensure better, cleaner, flood-free drainage system. Alteration of land contour has been kept at a minimum with the houses built at the prescribed distance of 15 meter away from the riverbank. An open space planted with some 2000 trees stretch0es from the entrance, riverbanks, road dividers and streetscape. Most of the residential units are built facing east for better exposure to the morning sun. the 3 meter difference between levels ensures that each building gets plenty of sunlight.
Pondok Cabe is well-known for its ground water quality and fresh air, since the region is not designed as an industrial zone. The housing developer has cultivated this atmosphere by building two park as green space and water catchments areas, equipped with a playground, jogging track, as well as other facilities like sport club and fields, to encourage the residents to lead a healthy life and socialize.

Complete comport and security
Imagine leaving your house weighed down by anxiety that constrains your day-to-day activity. Comport and security are an absolute must for the costumers. Tranquility not only offers you the comport of living in an open space, but also the freedom to engage in your activity without worries about the security of your house. The complex is designed with Total Security System, an integrated security concept that combines CCTV at the complex entrance, house monitoring via the internet for the residents, and single-gate entrance to the cluster to ensure that the safety of your family is in good hands. Tranquility estate management is run by Colliers International Indonesia.
Comport, in addition to safety, is another strong point of Tranquility. The 8.4 hectare cluster is equipped with recreational facilities like a swimming pool, a club house, restaurant and café, so that you do not have to go far to have fun with your family.

Easy Access
No need to worry about travel time, because the Tranquility cluster is located in southern Jakarta, within easy acces from TB Simatupang thoroughfare. In future, following the completion of the second Jakarta Outer Ring Road exit, the area will be even more accessible, allowing swift passage to greater Jakarta area, and opening a host of investment opportunities. The cluster is surrounded by public facilities, with Pondok Cabe Golf Course and Pondok Cabe Airport in the vicinity, as well a general hospital and Lebak Bulus intercity and inner-city bus terminal, and access to Jl. TB Simatupang, a growing center of office and shopping centers like Carrefour Lebak Bulus, Poin Square, Cilandak Town Square and Mall Pondok Indah, in addition to the mush-rooming eateries dotting the Pondok Cabe area.

Jakarta Globe Newspaper, March 23, 2009


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